Commercial Design & Installation

No two projects are the same!



Nothing is uniform!  Allentown Landscape has designed and installed a vast number of brick and stone patios ranging from projects using 100% reclaimed material, to blends of old and new material.  Oftentimes themes and concepts fuel the design process.  One such example is a patio built in the Elmwood Village using 500+ year old ballister weights salvaged from a ship, as well as two types of 130+ year old reclaimed brick crafted in a yin/yang custom designed project.




Case Study #1:

An example of a blend of reclaimed historic and contemporary manufactured brick



Another case of the yin/yang image was crafted with more symbolism: half of the brick were 130+ year old reclaimed brick, and the other half modern Unilock (Charcoal Holland) brick - a more accurate representation of uniting the old and new.  Furthermore, the design utilized two separate patterns to help symbolize the opposites at hand.


Before and After Photos:


Beforehand - Area where the patio and surrounding landscape were to be installed:


After - Same area after patio and walkway were installed:


Case Study #2:

A backyard patio constructed with 100% reclaimed Medina sidewalk slabs and curbing - both 140+ years old



The backyard of a home on College Street (in Allentown) had a complete make-over: the project included 175 square feet of patio and 50 square feet of walkway, all constructed with hand-picked, reclaimed slabs of 140+ year old Medina Sandstone, as well as 15 feet of matching reclaimed Medina Sandstone curbing.  Perfectly level throughout the yard, the landscape includes a variety of "zones" designated for all types of home entertainment, be it sitting by the washed stone fire pit at night or relaxing on the patio in an easy chair…


Before and After Photos:


Beforehand - Area where the patio and surrounding landscape were to be installed:







After - Two photos showing the area where the patio had been installed, one with and the other without table and chairs:













After - Matching Medinastone walkways and landscape behind the patio: no lawn to mow!

Case Study #3:

A blend of reclaimed historic brick, reclaimed sidewalk slabs, and natural stone



On Park Street (in Allentown), a front yard landscape included a wall built with natural stone (Tumbled Kentucky Bluestone) and a walkway utilizing historic reclaimed brick (130+ years old) and historic reclaimed Medina sidewalk slabs (140+ years old).  And no more lawn to mow!  Yippee!


Before and after photos: