Wholesale Building Material For Sale

Reclaimed Brick

Historic Reclaimed Jamestown Block Street Pavers, 130+ years old.  Bricks are hand-picked and palletized.  Cost: Full Pallet (300 bricks): $400.00. Half Pallet (150 bricks): $200.00.  Additional cost for delivery, based on location and number of pallets.  Contact Allentown Landscape at: 716.998.9459

Reclaimed Stone Curbing

Reclaimed Granite and Medina Sandstone curbing.  Age and measurements vary, with some historic pieces dating 140+ years old.  For details and availability, contact Allentown Landscape at: 716-998-9459

Reclaimed Sidewalk Slabs and Cobblestone

Medina Sandstone was quarried in Medina, New York, primarily between 1820 and 1900, and used as building material in numerous ways, ranging from hand-hewn sidewalk slabs to cobblestones used in roads and construction.  Now repurposed, Medina Cobblestone can be used as building material for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and decorative landscape borders.  Salvaged Medina Cobblestone range in size from 6-12 inches long, by 4-8 inches wide.  Salvaged Medina Sidewalk Slabs tend to rage from 18-24" x 18-30"  For details, contact Allentown Landscape at: 716.998.9459

Miscellaneous Reclaimed Material

Allentown Landscape is steadily buying and selling reclaimed material, ranging from 100+ year old slate roofing shingles, to slabs of sandstone, to basic masonry bricks.  For details and availability, to inquire about a specific type of material needed, or if you have material that you would like to sell, please contact Allentown Landscape at: 716.998.9459